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My Small Paws

Purchase Contract/Warranty:

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Purchase Contract/Warranty:

**This is a copy of the contract that you will sign when picking your puppy up.**
My Small Paws
(843) 245-6329
Congratulations! You have entered into a lifetime commitment with your new family member and companion. We have done everything that is possible to provide you with a health puppy. Now it is your responsibility. The first thing that you need to remember is that this is a baby not a grown animal and it must be treated as such. Please do not allow you puppy to play with older dogs until they are given out. In order for you to have a healthy puppy it must have plenty of rest, clean water at all times, and a proper diet- feed small amounts often.  Avoid unnecassary exposing your puppy to other dogs until it has completed its series of inoculation. You must carry your puppy to the vet within 48 business hours from the date of sale. NO VET CHECK MEANS PUPPY IS SOLD AS IS WITH NO HEALTH WARRANTY.  If the puppy is found to have a LIFE THREATENING illness or disorder the puppy must be returned to us within 24 hrs along with a conclusive report from the vet.  The puppy will then be replaced with another puppy of the same sex & breed upon availability. If within 72 hours the puppy should die and the purchaser has a necropsy performed which states that the puppy died froma  birth defect the puppy will be replaced with another puppy of the same sex and breed upon availability.  THIS CONTRACT DOES NOT COVER PARASITES INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL NOR DOES IT COVER PARVO OR DISTEMPER.  (Parvo & distemper are items that will be given in the puppys shot when they are 6 weeks old- If you do not want your puppy to have his/her shot given by us please advise us before you pick your puppy up- you may have your vet give them the shot if you wish) The buyer assumes all responsibility including medical expenses once the puppy leaves the premises. No guarantees are made as to the size, quality or future breeding ability of this puppy.  *Your puppy will be wormed 3-4 times before going to his/her new home and he/she will recieve their first shots. We are not responsible for any reactions a puppy may get if your vet goes behind us before its next series is due and revaccinates or worms your puppy. Doing this can weaken your puppy and lower its immune system. 
Buyer: _______________ Phone: ______________
Address: __________________________________
Date of Sale: _________Breed: _______Sex: _____
Reg: AKC CKC DOB: ______Color: _____________
Buyers Signature: ___________________________
Purchase Price of Puppy: _____________________
Deposit Contract:
If you are wanting to purchase a puppy before the puppy is ready to be picked up yes we do accept deposits.  Our minimum deposit amount to hold a puppy is $50-200 depending on the price of the puppy. You may make payments on the puppy until he/she is ready or you can pay for it in full when you pick him/her up.  Any extra amount paid will be put towards the deposit amount.  We will provide you with a pick up date that the puppy will be ready when purchasing the puppy.  The puppy must be paid for in full and picked up within 24 hours there after or the deposit/amount paid will be lost and the puppy will be put back up for sale unless prior arrangments have been approved by me.

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