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About Us:
Please read this if you are considering purchasing a puppy from me.  It has very important information that you will need to know.
I started raising dogs when my full time job was in jeopardy because the company that I worked for did a massive Lay Off.  I wanted to start doing something that my heart was in and something that I would enjoy.  My dogs and puppies are just like my children and you can expect that if you get a puppy from me it will be very well socialized and spoiled rotten.  All of my puppies are raised in my home with constant daily care.  I am here when the puppies are born and when they take their first steps. We start paper training at 4 weeks old. I have the parents here on site.   All puppies will be up to date on their shots and wormings. They will come with a health warranty, their registeration papers, medical records, puppy kit and a packet of food. We are located between Florence and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. You will not find the service that we offer nor the quality of our puppies from any other breeder or from a Pet Store.  We allow our puppies to be picked up at around 8 weeks of age.  This allows our puppies to have at least two sets of shots when they are picked up.  We give all of our puppies a Parvo shot at 5 weeks of age and a Parvo, Distemper, Adenivirus and Parafluenza at 7 weeks of age.  We keep them at least 7 days after them having their second set to make sure there are no reactions to the shot. We do not allow anyone to come to our home to pick up their puppy.  There are to many diseases that can be brought into my home that can and would endanger my other puppies as well as my adult dogs.  I have to put the health of my dogs first.  I will be glad to meet you in a public place.  (WalMart or a Gas Station)  I hope that if you are truely wanting to purchase a healthy puppy you will understand my request.  Do your research check the internet for the diseases that can be carried into my home off of your car tires or your shoes.  I will be glad if you would like to see the parents to send you pictures of them.  We try to update pictures of all puppies every week but please understand that I do have children and I want to put the care of the puppies first so please understand that they come first and pictures second.  I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase I do not mind providing you with references from past buyers as well as a vet reference.  Feel free to call me anytime at 843-245-6329 I read and respond to my emails daily as well.