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MicroChipping: Pet Recovery

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Beginning Oct 1, 2007 we will begin offering you the chance to get your puppy microchipped with us.  The fee for the microchip to be done with you registering your own puppy is $20 (Reg $35 at vets office) or $35 for the chip and for us to  register the information for you in your name.  ($55 value)  Please contact Lori for more information. 

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your puppy was to become lost or get stolen?  Have you ever thought of microchipping?  You can have your puppy microchipped before being picked up for an extra $35. (Most vets usually charge $35 for the microchip plus you will pay an extra $18-20 with the registery to register your information with them) Our price includes the microchip and the registeration fee to register your contact information in your name for a lifetime. Letting us do this for you will save you on average of $18 plus your time to do so.  You will have to do nothing we will sign your puppy up for you that way you wont forget or loose the information to do so.  Its as simple as just letting us know that you would like to have your puppy chipped. 

Dog ID Tags verses Microchips 

If your pet is lost, a microchip or identification tag might be his or her ticket home. Since humans can't communicate with pets, license tags or a microchip will ensure that he doesn't end up at the local pound, shelter, with another family or worse.

Tagging - The most common and economical way to identify your pet is with pet tags/collar. However pet tagging has its downside because pet tags can be lost or deliberately removed by a pet thief.

Microchips - are tiny metal transponders about the size of an uncooked rice grain. Microchips carry a unique identification number and are implanted using a needle just below your pet's skin (usually in the scruff of their neck).

Microchips are registered with local or national databases and many city pounds, vets and shelters have their own scanners to read the chips of stray animals. Once the microchip is read, the staff can call the 24-hour regional or national hotline and get your contact information.

Having your pet microchipped is as quick and uncomfortable as a vaccination. Microchips are also more convenient then tattoos because a frightened dog doesn't need to be shaved to locate it.  Imagine if your puppy was to get stolen all you would have to do is all your local vets and shelters give them their microchip number and the name of the breed of puppy and they will scan any animals that come in with that description to make sure that it is not your puppy..  If they were to locate your puppy all of your contact information is plugged into their system.

Getting your puppy microchiped with us will  include the chip and the fee for life time registration, the insertion and the paperwork for only $35.  Who wouldnt want to get their puppy chipped?