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Would you like to know a little bit more about myself and  my family?
We are often asked the same question. How did you guys get started and how long have you been breeding dogs.  Well the answer is when my husband and I met we bought a pair of Toy Poodles. (1996) After loosing my first son (1997) to a genetic disorder when he was 8 days old so we decided to let our four legged babies have babies. Their puppies were the joy of my life and they just made me so happy.  I enjoyed seeing the Mom carry her puppies and even watching her deliver them. It was a very exciting moment when I watched the puppies take their first steps, make their first little barks and use the bathroom where we wanted them to. ;-)  It was so rewarding at the end to find them loving homes where I knew that they would all be spoiled rotten. I enjoyed seeing families coming to pick their babies up and oh to see how happy they were.  After our pair had two litters we got our female fixed.  My husband was involved in an accident while at work in 2001 at the same time I was pregnant with our second child and due any day. My husband was unable to return back to work.  I work for BCBSC/Champus for retired Military out of my home.  The did a massive lay off around 2003.  I am thankful that my job was not affected however the scare that it could be was unbearable.  At that point in my life I sat back and thought what if I would have lost my job what would I have done?  So my husband and I talked about it and we decided to do what we love the best. Raise dogs.  ( I thought I would never beable to talk him into it. ) We love each and every day with that we have with our babies they are truely just like our own children.  We raise all of our puppies in our home.  They are all paper trained by the time they leave us at around 8 weeks.  Yes I said trained.  We start working with them when they are about 4.5 weeks old.  We use positive reinforcement and specific commands when teaching our puppies.  When our puppies go to their new home they have little or NO accidents in the house. We worm all of our puppies at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age.  They come with their first set of shots, a puppy kit, an information packet, their registerations papers, food, and medical records.  We strive to raise great quality pets.  All of our parents are here on site and sometimes we even have the grandparents as well.   We choose our two main breeds the Pugs and the Bostons for the following reasons:  the Pugs because we love the personality of them wanting to show off and get attention.  They love to turn everyones head.  They turn their little heads when you talk to them and they love to see and make you laugh.  We also choose the Boston Terrier because they are so loyal.  They love to play and they are very outgoing and protective.  We will be glad for anyone to come and see our puppies at anytime.  I now have a third son that was born in June of 2007.  I lost my job in Nov of 2007- at this time I have leaned more towards what I love to do best.  I will be going to school for nursing starting in August of 2008.