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My Small Paws

Quaker Parrot: Bird: SOLD

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I have a hand fed baby Quaker Parrot & large cage for Sale.  The cage was $100 and I paid $125 for him. I will also include
the toys that are in his cage and perches (paid $30) as well as his food. I do not have the time to take to spend with him like I would like and my husband is fussing about him. I am asking $185 for the set up. The cage is a large white cage and it is on a tall hanging stand/pole.
Quaker parrots are small birds that will eventually talk some. Please call me
for more details: Lori at 843-423-8009 I am located in Marion. (I have only had
him about 3-4 weeks and he is a baby just started eating on his own when I
purchased him so he should adjust to a new home fine) 

SOLD to Tonya from NC